Choose the VPS Plan that Fits your Needs and Budget

Memory Guaranteed MemoryThe guaranteed memory available to your VPS
RAID10 StorageRAID StorageWe're using Redundant Array of Independent Disks to protect your data against a single disk failure. However, this is not a replacement for backups that you should do!
Monthly TrafficMonthly TrafficAmount of traffic included in the package in a given calendar month.
Root Access / SSHSSH accessYou can connect to your VPS by using any SSH client.
IP Addresses IP addressesNumber of IP addresses dedicated to your VPS and included in the price. Additional IP addresses can be ordered.
Seven-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

VPS Starter

1024 MB
30 GB
2 TB
$ 10 /mo

VPS Medium

4096 MB
120 GB
4 TB
$ 40 /mo

VPS Large

8192 MB
180 GB
8 TB
$ 80 /mo

Choose the VPS location

What else do you get with your VPS?


4 x 2.67GHz CPU burst

4 cores, each running at 2.67 GHz or more. Intel Xeon Processor on enterprise grade server platform.

1 Gbs network link

Each physical server is connected to a 1 Gbs switch port allowing virtual private servers to reach this network speed.


Start/stop/reboot/reinstall your VPS anytime through Hypanel, our inhouse control panel. Includes VPS graphs: bandwidth usage, CPU, memory, disk operations and others.

Geographically redundant DNS

We offer free geographically redundant (US and Europe) DNS hosting for all our VPS customers. You don't have to run your own DNS server and you will have more memory available to your applications.

Operating systems to choose

CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE, ArchLinux, Scientific Linux, Slackware,

Five locations

London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dallas (USA), Fremont (USA), Bucharest (Romania) available.

* VAT may apply for some customers from European Union.

Traffic over-usage is priced at $0.10 per GB. Email notifications are sent when your VPS reaches 80% and 100% of the allotted monthly traffic.

on six-month prepayment
on twelve-month prepayment
for all VPS packages

VPS hosting add-ons

These options are available for the VPS hosting packages:

1 IP address
$1 / month
DirectAdmin license
$6 / month
CPanel/WHM license
$12 / month